Add Juicing To Your Life for Added Weight Loss

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 3:08am by somayar


Hey guys! So I just wanted to update my existing juicing blogs that I cut back on my juicing and recently started again. Since I have been juicing again I didn’t realize how much more energy I have!!!! I feel really good and it makes me think why’d I stop? We all do things like this. And yes it has helped me with my weight loss. Remember that this is a lifelong lifestyle. You don’t just start eating healthy then stop. Even when you get to see your results you have to continue eating right and exercising to maintain. These juicing recipes have almost no calories in them and none are bad at all. One of the drawbacks of juicing is that you get all the vitamins but lose out on the fiber. That’s why I add flax seed to all my juices. I am happy to say I am back to my juicing. I am going to try to incorporate juicing into my daily meals and once a week do a full day of juicing. Today is one of those days. This recipe tastes soooooooo good I had to share!!

This is my latest  red carpet photo. Can you see the glow? Sticking to my journey has me glowing, fit, toned and healthy :)




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