Low calorie recipe, grilled lemon or lime chicken romaine salad

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 4:27am by somayar


Grilled lemon or lime chicken romaine salad! This is  a very simple dish to make on the go.

– Romain lettuce leaves

-sea salt


– small chicken breast (no skin)

-petite wheat croutons (I buy them from health food stores)

-lemon or a lime

-table spoon of olive oil


Season your small chicken breast with paprika, lemon or lime, a pinch of sea salt, spray your non stick oven pan and cook it up. Or, preheat your over to 350, season the same, put several chicken breasts (s you have some for other days) and take out when ready (usually 45 minutes) Chop up your chicken ion little squares. Chop up your romaine lettuce however you like, DO NOT use iceberg lettuce it has no nutritional value. Toss the salad with the chicken,  add a small table spoon of olive oil, squeeze lemon or lime over it, add a serving size of croutons and ENJOY :)

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