My breast reduction recovery is over, i’m ready to get back into the gym

Posted on Aug 3 2013 - 4:17pm by somayar


This video brings back so many memories! It was the happiest day for me because I was told by my doctor that I could now go to the gym. At this point I had lost 21 pounds by strictly eating better but I was dying to hit the gym. My doctor told me that as soon as I hit the gym that my body would drop even more weight because I was now able to exercise my muscles. That same day I went to my local gym and joined! I had no idea what I was doing that first month because I was so scared of hurting my breast. So I took my time and learned my body and what works.

I stuck to my gym routing for a whole month and it became habit. I also incorporated outdoor activities to add to my gym. I personally HATE cardio at the gym so I generally do it outdoors. On the second month of being back in the gym I noticed it became a habit and a regular thing for me to do. I would wake up and crave going to the gym. I began focusing on stretching and muscle tone. I was recovering for over 8 weeks!! Imagine being in bed, on your couch and stuck at home for that long? I was not only going stir crazy but I could feel my whole body was sore and tight. So I focused on stretching to help me with that. This was such an awesome place in my fitness journey. After 1 month of working out and not giving up, it became a part of my LIFE! Part of my new healthy lifestyle that I now continue to have and enjoy 🙂

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