What has happened since my breast reduction & weight loss

Posted on Aug 3 2013 - 4:05pm by somayar


For my newbbies following my fitness journey, I had a breast reduction which was my jump start to my entire fitness journey. For many years I was suffering from a bad back and horrible bra strap scars that would end up bloody 🙁 I went to my doctor to inquire about getting a breast reduction. In my consultation my doctor said because I am not a regular patient, I am a performer and can’t return to work in 2-3 weeks like his other patients. He suggested that I learn a diet or super healthy eating plan so I wouldn’t gain weight from being bed ridden for 90 days. That was the beginnings of my health journey.

I began to research many ways of eating healthy, what to shop for at the grocery store, recipes, low calorie protein shakes etc I have always been a healthy person but my move to New York and many changes in my life when I was filming a show for Vh1 there aided to my weight gain. After much research and gaining the courage to finally get the breast reduction I always wanted, I began my journey.

After recovering from the breast reduction came the real challenge. How to workout without injuring my breasts. It was so hard but with just the healthy eating alone I felt so much healthier and I dropped a few pounds. I began slowly hiking, walking, and a slow pace at the gym. Eventually I gradually moved up to a more regular routine and now I am in advanced stages. This video was a big part of my journey! For those out there who I motivated to have a breast reduction I am so proud of you. This was a hard decision for me to but it was the best decision I ever made in my life. Now I live a healthy new lifestyle and am lighter in my chest area 🙂

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