Vegetarian Recipes: Lentil tacos, homemade guacamole and salsa

Posted on Aug 29 2013 - 4:11pm by somayar


Whether you are a vegetarian or you just don’t want to eat meat. Try this delicious recipe!

Vegetarian: Lentil tacos & homemade guacamole salsa


– Avocados (as many as you want depending on your family size)

-Whole lentils (not canned-in a bag)

– 1 Sweet or Red onion

– 1 Head of garlic

– Fresh cilantro

– Mix green lettuce

– Green or red pepper (not hot peppers)

– Corn tortillas (any kind will do depending on your taste)

– Mexican onions


The guacamole is the easiest so make it last! For now, clean your lentils make sure they are free of rocks and all the nasty stuff that sneaks into the bags.  I would use 1-2 cups for up to 4 people (more for a bigger family size) after being washed and cleaned, boil them with a few whole garlic pieces, cut an onion in half put in the water, put a little bit of seasoning salt (brand of your choice). Let boil until the lentils are soft. Drain most of the water, take out the onion, leave the garlic cloves in the pot. In a frying pan, put pam spray and heat the pan. Put a few chopped green or red peppers and dices onions for flavor. When hot, put the lentils in the frying pan and smash them while stirring and heating it up. Stir until it get a little brown, crispy and looks like ground beef. Wash your cilantro, wash your Mexican onions and dice them finely. Mix them in  a bowl and leave it there. Put your avocados in a blender, add lemon as desired, a little seasoning, add 1/2 a cup of the cilantro, Mexican onions and blend.

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