On The Go Juicing Recipes & Snacks

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 6:21pm by somayar


I’m on the go today but skipping breakfast is NEVER an option! I made a dozen hard boiled eggs last night and put in my fridge. I grabbed 2 of them, made a juice and ran out the door. I eat them as a snack or as  a meal. I often get asked if I heat up my eggs and how many yolks do I have? No. I put them in the fridge so I can quickly grab them and run out the door. Egg yolks may contain good cholesterol but I personally prefer to just have one yolk per sitting of my meals.

The little colored things you see in my juice are almonds. I don’t always add almonds but I have recently and they taste delicious in the juices. Remember that drinking juicing are incredible for your health as they are packed with vitamins , nutrients and fibers that aid in digestion.







No ginger today, no particular reason I just forgot. lol

Con Amor

– Somaya Reece

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