Working Out Alone Sucks

Posted on Mar 21 2014 - 5:27pm by somayar

Many of us depend on someone else to give you that extra boost to get you going to the gym. photo 1You ever find yourself asking your buddies to workout with you but they can’t so you don’t end up working out? Well you know what? Truth is, you don’t always need a gym buddy. People think working out alone sucks but it doesn’t. When is the last time you spent time alone? When is the last time you really took the time to yourself to clear your head? Most of the time I work out alone. It gives me a lot of time to think, a lot of time to reflect, I plan, I think about all the things I have been neglecting and all the things I need to work on. It gives me ME TIME! I can’t express enough how “ok” it is to spend some quality time with yourself. It may seem like a weird and odd concept at first but once you get in the groove of it. You will love it. Never depend on others to help you reach your goals. Depend on you at all times. Take your iPod, put on your favorite tunes and I bet you will start to think differently about working out alone.

I began my journey never expecting anyone to hold my hand. No one wanted to help me. no one wanted to offer a small bit of advice. So I became used to doing everything solo. I have always been someone who has had to do me at all times. Solo dolo is the story of my life. I often workout alone because it gives me a lot of time to myself. I am in a such a busy and fast paced industry that if I don’t take that time out for myself, I will go nuts. I constantly promote having good “mental health” for the sole purpose of feeling great all around. What is the point of being fit if your mind isn’t well? Mental health is just as important as overall health. Working out, walking or whatever fitness activity you chose to do, make sure to do it with a clear mind.

Remember, you were born alone. You will leave this earth alone! Never depend on anyone but yourself to push through your personal health, life and fitness journey.

Con Amor,
Somaya Reece

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