Low Calorie Recipes: Traditional Mexican Tacos

Posted on Mar 23 2014 - 6:41pm by somayar

I love taco night and Taco Tuesdays at my home! I used to eat out for these until I learned to make them healthy. Street tacos are generally made with fried meats, they fry the tortillas, and they don’t use fresh ingredients. I grew up on having these and sometimes on cheat days I love to have me some of that taco truck! I grew up in a Latin household so flavor is very important to me. These are packed with flavor and very filling.


  1. Grilled, baked or boiled chicken breast
  2. Cilantro
  3. Yellow onions
  4. Small wheat or corn tortillas
  5. Lemon
  6. Seasonings: Adobo or sea salt and garlic powder


Whether you grill, boil or bake your chicken season it with Adobo or sea salt and garlic powder. Adobo is a traditional Latin seasoning not exactly super healthy but I do have it on occasion. When your chicken is done, shred it manually and put it in a bowl. Wash your cilantro and onions and mix them up in a separate bowl. Heat up your tortillas, put the chicken on them first, then add the cilantro and onion mixed on top of them. You can add guacamole and salsa on top too. Try my home made guacamole & salsa recipes. Serve and ENJOY 🙂

Guacamole: This is the easiest to make! Peel your avocados and put them in a bowl. Wash, thinly dice onions, cilantro, and put in the bowl with avocados. Season with sea salt, ground pepper, garlic powder and squeeze lemons in it to taste. Mash them up, and you now have a healthy & delicious guacamole recipe!!

Salsa: I usually make my own but you can find many prepped ready to eat low sodium salsas. To make fresh, put 2-4 medium sized very ripe tomatoes in a blender, add a small bunch of cilantro, Mexican little onions, ground pepper, 1/2 of a small green bell pepper, add sea salt for seasoning, and blend. Sometimes I will heat up and sauté my tomatoes then blend. That’s another style of recipe that you can also try.

Con Amor,

Somaya Reece

This is what your foods should  look like! 

photo 2

This is what is should look like prepared and ready to serve!

photo 3

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  1. Roshelle L. Fierro March 23, 2014 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    Thanks Somaya! I'm trying these tonight. I've been looking for a good, healthy taco recipe. I'm from New Mexico and I'm out in NC right now. Mexican food is muy importante to my life! Lol.

  2. Kenneth Stokes April 14, 2014 at 11:28 am - Reply

    Somaya, I will be making these tonight. I been following your page looking for great recipes to spice up my new life change. Thanks!

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