4 Reasons Why You Should Eat Salads

Posted on Mar 24 2014 - 3:54pm by somayar

Salads are AWESOME……..said only 1/2 of the world!! It’s crazy to me how much I read that people hate eating salads because they think it’s “rabbit food” or because they think they are boring. You would be surprised at how refreshing and tasty a salad can be. Some people even go into an extreme and think that in order to lose weight all they have to do is eat salads ALL DAMN DAY. Errrrr um what?? That sounds so boring to me too DUH!!! Yes, if all you do is eat salads all day for a month months, YES YES YES you will get bored. I can’t even imagine living like that. I too would feel like it’s rabbit food. I always recommend my readers to eat a salad here and there but not for every meal. And please don’t go drenching your salads  with a waterfall of dressings and or piling on unhealthy things on it. Helloooo. You just defeated the purpose of a healthy salad. Now back to all the goodness that is in eating eating salads. Did I mention  they’re low in calories? Eating the right salads have many health benefits.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should eat salads:

  1. EAT PLANTS: Plan foods contain all the rich nutrients you need for overall health. It is recommended to eat more fruits, veggies and dark greens to help lower the risk of disease. Eating plant foods has been proven to lower your risk of cancers. I mean helloooooooo doesn’t this alone want to get you started on eating more salads? Not enough  to convince you? I have more.
  2. SPEND MORE TIME ON THE TOILET: Do you poop regularly? Poop! Are we really talking about poop? Yes we are. Salads are high in fiber and help constipation. A huge part of health and weight loss is proper digestion. I bet you didn’t know how important it is to go number 2 on a regular basis huh? If you aren’t pooping out what you took in, you can and will gain weight. You keep your colon healthy by flushing out your toxins. Remember this health & fitness journey isn’t just about looking good. It is about overall HEALTH. I can’t express that enough. Salads also The fiber in your salads also help lower your cholesterol levels. am I convincing you now?
  3. SAY GOODBYE TO FAT: Who doesn’t want to say bye bye to fat? This reason is pretty simple. Salads don’t contain a lot of calories. Piling on unhealthy foods and drenching it in dressings does. Rule of thumb when making salads. Keep it simple!! Always use darker leaf greens, iceberg lettuce is a no no as it contains no nutritional value. Darker leaf greens are not super expensive either so there should be no excuses on why you can’t eat them. Keep it simple. Add veggies, use lean meats that are grilled-boiled-bake,add a few slices of avocado, tofu or quinoa, you can even add a few nuts to it. You also don’t have to have meat at all. Make sure to use dressings that are light and vinaigrette based. Or do what I do. Squeeze lemon, a teaspoon of olive oil, season it with a pinch of sea salt, Mrs Dash and a little ground pepper. You can never go wrong with what I call “a simple salad” they’re yummy and good for you.
  4. EAT FAT: Eat fat? WHAT THE HECK?? Good fats that is. Is there such a thing? YES THERE IS!! As I mentioned above, adding olive oil or avocados are good for you. These are “good fats” filled with monounsaturated fats. These are the good fats that help protect you against heart disease and cancers.

I hope this helped you as much as it has helped me in my health and fitness journey. I almost forgot add that  salads are super convenient too! They are easy to pack for lunch or make if you’re in a hurry. Eat more greens my loves they’re great for you. Enjoy 🙂

Con Amor,

Somaya Reece


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