Meal Prep – Why Is it Important To Be Prepared?

Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 5:40am by somayar

Being active is the easy part to living a clean and healthy lifestyle. So Now it’s time to tackle the hardest part and that is cleaning up your eating habits and sticking to them no matter what! I remember when I first started out with my new lifestyle change. I though I had everything under control just because I was working 5 days a week. But little did I know, I was wrong. Regardless of how many calories you burn during your working, it doesn’t make a difference if your aren’t eating the proper food to nourish your body. This also means the way your food is prepared and the ingredients used.

Theres nothing like being prepared when you have set a goal for yourself. And that’s exactly why prepping is important.  When you prepare your meals in advance you reap so many benefits. When our schedules become busy and or you have a heavy work load from work, you still want to stay on track. And meal preparation helps with that. I know from experience its easy to fall off the band wagon. Especially when there are donuts, snack cakes in the break room and vending machines on every corner of the hallways. But we don’t have to fall victim to our surroundings. I like to pick one day out of the week and cook all of my lunches and dinners for the entire week. It usually takes me about one to two and half  hours to do so. But it is so well worth it. Doing this allows me to be prepared and have my food at fingers reach whenever I am hungry, therefore I’m NEVER tempted to eat outside of my goals. Spending one to three hours to prepare meals on one or two days at the beginning of the week saves money and time!

One of my mottos is:

“If it isn’t in my home, and I didn’t prepare the meals myself I wont eat it”.

Ideally you want to eat five to six small meals a day every two to three hours. Doing so will keep your metabolism on track and burn off the foods you consume. By the time you arrive at work you should have already eaten  your breakfast. So you want to have three snacks, and your lunch and dinner packed with you to eat while working throughout the day. One of my favorite go to lunch boxes to carry my food in is from 6 Pack Bags. They have an awesome insulated lunch box that carries all of my meals and snacks.  It will make your journey so much easier. And you will never have to worry about putting your food the refrigerator at work for your co-workers to eat.

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