Stock Your Refrigerator With Healthy Foods. Look Into My Fridge!

Posted on Apr 5 2014 - 12:00pm by somayar

Journey To Fitness – Take a Look Inside Laeann Amos Refrigerator!

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day. A lot of people always ask me what type of foods I eat while maintaining a clean, healthy, and tasty lifestyle. Today I am going to take you all on a tour with me through my refrigerator. I love vegetables however I am the type of person that gets bored easily. So I always try to find creative dishes. Everything  from new recipes to go with dinner, baked vegetable chips, and homemade ice cream thats made with vegetables and fruit. I know the last one may sound a little disgusting, but believe me its not. The flavor of the fruit over powers the taste of the vegetables. This is how I trick little kids into eating healthy.  Now you know if a kid will eat it then its good. It’s a win win situation. They think it’s ice cream and I’m getting them to eat their vegetables.

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Laeann Amos


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