The Top 3 Juicing Recipes To Boost Your Energy

Posted on May 8 2014 - 10:27am by somayar


I feel like it’s been forever since we spoke about my delicious juicing recipes! JUICING IS SUPER EASY TO DO. I know it seems hard but it truly isn’t. You will do it a few times before you get it right. But once you do, you will find yourself doing this everyday. Here are a few specifically designed to give you energy. I use the Vitamix and the NutriBullet. You can get them either directly on their website or at many places like K.Mart, WallMart, and big name departments stores. Try these out and let me know what you guys think?

The Hulk

– Full of antioxidants and a natural energy boost (serves 1-2)


  1. Spinach, use a handful of leaves
  2. Kale, 1 medium full leaf
  3. Celery, 1 long stem
  4. Green Apple, 1/2 an apple
  5. Ginger, (washed and peeled)  small piece of RAW ginger root – the size of  1 golf ball
  6. Lime, peel it, use 1/2 of a medium sized lime
  7. Water


Wash and peel your apple, ginger and lime. Was the greens, cut the apple and ginger into squares to help blend easier. Put them all in your blender, add 1/2 cup of water, more for a watery texture, less for a thicker texture. Now blend! And that’s it. All you have to do is blend it until it’s ready. These juices aren’t watery, they contain pulp in it. If you want them watery you have to use a juicer that does that. I prefer the thicker ones because it keeps you full longer and you feel like you are eating. Don’t overdue it on the ginger or it will be spicy. If you like spice then go for it.

My Sweet Greens

– Sweet, refreshing, full of antioxidants, great for digestion issues, and a natural mega booster for energy

(serves 1-2)


  1. Kale, 1 long medium leaf
  2. Cucumber, 1/2
  3. Carrot, 1 medium sized one
  4. Parsley, 1 small handful
  5. Red apple, 1/2
  6. Water. 1/ a cup


Wash all your ingredients, peel your cucumber, apple, carrot, de stem your parsley. Cut the apple, cucumber, and carrot into smaller pieces to make it easier to blend and to prevent your blender from blowing out. Put them all in the blender, add your water and BLEND! And that’s it. Super easy to make and delicious.

The Spice of Life

–  This is full of micronutrients to give you lots of energy, refreshing, and great for blood circulation


  1. 2 small beets (beet root)
  2. Ginger, cut a small piece the size of a golf ball
  3. Lemon, 1/2 of large one
  4. Cucumbers, 1/2
  5. Water, 1/2 cup


Wash & peel your beet roots, ginger, lemon, cucumbers. Cut them into smaller pieces to blend easy. Put them all in your blender, add water and BLEND! And that’s it.

You have now successfully made 3 amazing juices that are great for your health, amazing for your skin and actually taste good.

Con Amor,

Somaya Reece


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