Should You Workout During Your Period [PMS]

Posted on May 8 2014 - 8:59am by somayar

Should you workout while on your period? I’m pretty sure 99% of you are like HELL NO I’M CRAMPING! Well sorry to break the news but I must tell you that YES YES YES you can workout while on your monthly. For those who don’t have existing health issues due to their period (as in heavy blood loss diagnosed by a doctor not diagnosed by yourself), yes you can workout and you should. As weird as this sounds working out actually helps reduce cramps by a million!!!! It really does. I don’t want to share too much TMI but man oh man I feel the pain when my P hits the scene.

How much can you exercise while on your P? Simple. Keep it simple. This is the time of the month you can go a little lighter in your routines. You don’t have to go as hard at all. If you run for miles, jog or walk instead. Also, make sure you aren’t forcing yourself to hit the gym. If you are genuinely feeling like hell and a pain reliever isn’t helping. Don’t go, but please visit your doctor.

NOTE: You should never have a period that hurts so bad or bleeds extremely heavy to a point you are bed ridden. That is a very dangerous sign of anything from fibroids, pelvic infections, cancer, endometriosis, and so many other health issues. If this is happening to you please see a doctor immediately don’t wait until it’s too late.

Tips on exercises and other tips to help you while on your period!

  1. Stretch! Light stretching helps calm your nerves, tension and relieves your cramping tremendously.
  2. Dress comfortably! Dress dark! Dress dark incase of any accidents. This is a time where you don’t feel like dressing extra cute for the gym. It’s ok to wear your looser shirts or baggy sweat pants. Dress to feel comfortable, no need to wear tight clothing. It’s important you feel 100% comfortable so you will feel motivated to want to workout. Nothing is worse than working out while on your P and wearing tight clothes that make you feel like a bloated blob of YUCK!
  3. Protect yourself! If you are heavy use a tampon and a pad. and please don’t forget to wear a pair of granny panties. Yes I said a sexy pair of granny panties [laughs very loud] they are the BEST and most comfortable to wear around this time of the month. Make sure to carry extra tampons and pads in your purse just incase you need to change.
  4. Keep your cardio light! This isn’t the time to feel like you need to keep your intensity level up, you’re not running a marathon, you’re not running for any prizes so RELAX. Take your time with the cardio. Take it easy, go for a walk in the park, walk on the treadmill if you fee up to it try a light jog. Swimming is also known to be relaxing and helps relieve cramping and bloating. I know that sounds crazy while on your monthly but don’t worry nothing will leak if you change as soon as you get in the pool and as soon as you get out. Make sure to keep your swimming lightly to 30 minutes. You don’t want to overdo it or LEAK! Yikes!
  5. Life weights! Yes, you can lift. Make sure you light light. If you normally use 15 pound dumbbells bring it all the way down to 5-7 pound dumbbells. Keep it light and avoid any weight lifting that affects your abdominal muscles including crunches.

Remember to stay hydrated, avoid as much salt as you can and stay away from those snacks! Salt will only keep you more bloated than you already are and all those unhealthy snacks will only further delay you from achieving your fitness goals.

LEARN WILL POWER! Learn to take control of your life now. No one else is going to do it for you, I am not going to hold your hand, you need to do this for yourself. Put your big girl panties on and lets do this 🙂

Con Amor,

Somaya Reece



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