Top 5 Healthy Junk Food Substitutes

Posted on Jun 3 2014 - 6:51am by somayar


It’s hard enough to eat right, even harder to find what is a good substitution to many of your favorite foods including junk foods! Af first you may be a little hesitant, that’s pretty normal when all you’ve been used to is eating the not so good for you foods. But if you give it a chance I promise you that you will learn to love it and you won’t even crave bad for you foods. Training your body to eat healthy is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight. But once your body gets in routine, it begins to adapt and will never go back.

Remember to EAT! You don’t have to fast, or eat diet foods that taste bland and yucky. Starving yourself because you think that’s going to make you lose weight is not good! Not only is it not good for you but it is a vicious cycle of yo yo weight gain and loss. And who wants to live prisoner to dieting and fasting anyways? That’s crazy. LET’S BE REAL! Just learn some how to substitute a few foods and eat better overall.

Here are a few of substitutes I personal do and love!

  1. Sour cream! Who doesn’t love sour cream? I used to love it on my potatoes, nachos and eggs. Instead of using sour cream use plain Greek yogurt. It tastes extremely similar and has the same consistency. You can use it in many recipes just like you used to use sour cream.
  2. Iceberg lettuce! While I know it’s cheap, crispy and lettuce. It actually has ZERO nutritional value. There is no point in eating foods that have no nutritional value. Instead of iceberg lettuce eat dark greens like red leaf, green leaf, even romaine lettuce is fine. It only costs about 1$ too.
  3. Sodas! I can’t tell you enough how dangerous and fattening sodas are. Most of my readers who I have advised to stop sodas all said they lost 10-15 pounds just by dropping sodas. Instead of having sodas drink mineral water and add some fruit to it to make it sweeter. The fizz int he mineral water soothes your carbonation taste buds and the fruit adds a taste to it.
  4. Chips! Lawddddd who does;t love chips. Try small steps with this one. Try making these Kale Chips by our mommy blogger Laeanne. They are delicious and contain ZERO bad for you fats. Who would have ever thought kale chips would be appetizing? Not me. But I also gave it a shot and was peasantry surprised. You can also find many whole grain, zero trans fats, chips in many grocery stores.
  5. Cooking oils! some of you still haven’t made the switch no matter how much I keep telling you. Use cooking sprays instead of cooking oils, even olive oil (which I was using prior) when heated up is not good for you. Not to mention frying your foods in general with these cooking oils adds extra calories mainly made of FAT! Cooking sprays are great.

You don’t have to eat bland diet foods that taste like cardboard! By the way, us over here at This Fits Me like to stay away front that word, I don’t like the D word. You just need to eat the better for you alternatives. Let me know how this goes for you in the comments.

Con Amor,

Somaya Reece


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