Lemon Shrimp, Cucumber & Avocado Wheat Wrap

Posted on Jul 5 2014 - 12:38pm by somayar

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Allergic to shrimp? No need to worry. You can substitute the shrimp for grilled chicken, lean ground turkey, tofu, quinoa, fish, and even lean red meat. This is a deliciously clean recipe that is very fresh and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated. It’s great at any time and low in calories.


This serves 2

  1. 1/2 cucumber
  2. Daiya Cheese any flavor
  3. Whole wheat wrap (2 for 2 servings)
  4. 1/2 small Roma tomato
  5. Parsley flakes or 1 fresh parsley leaf
  6. 1 small lemon
  7. 10 medium shrimp
  8. Olive oil 1 teaspoon
  9. Sea salt 1 pinch


Wash all your produce. Thinly cut your cucumber & tomato into circles slices. Mince your parsley into like bits or use parsley flakes. Steam your washed and peeled shrimp for 2-3 minutes (same for boiling) put in a place to cool off when done. In a separate container put 1 teaspoon of olive oil, parsley, a pinch of sea salt and squeeze your lemon into it. Mix it up until the salt has dissolved then add the shrimp, mix it around with the juices and let it sit for 2 minutes to marinade.  Heat up your wheat wrap over the stove or microwave. Add the Daiya cheese of your choice as your spread. Put the slices of  cucumber, tomatoes over the spread, add slices of fresh avocado, add the shrimp on top of it, add  a little juice (too much will make your wheat wrap soggy) fold it in half, cut it in half, and SERVE! Enjoy 🙂

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Somaya Reece

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