How To Feel Sexy When You Feel Ugly

Posted on Jul 28 2014 - 8:00am by somayar


So you’ve been feeling down on yourself, you’ve let yourself go, you don’t even fix your hair anymore! How do you get out of that funk?

Aggggg I know this feeling all too well! There’s nothing worse than waking up bloated, your hair isn’t behaving, you just got your monthly, and you just feel plain BLAH! You feel “ugly” today, you feel less than sexy. We’ve all been there and most of it, is all in our heads. Asides from physical health it’s important that your mental health is in order too. Sometimes we get so down on ourselves that we become depressed and stop taking care of ourselves. You ever wake up not exactly feeling the best. But, you go get your hair done, hit up the barbershop to get a fresh cut, put on a new outfit and feel incredible no matter what’s going on in your life? Well, that’s having great mental health. It’s really important to feel good mentally too. It’s also important to do nice things for yourself to help you get our of your funk. When you feel good all around you glow and seek to do more positive things. Sometimes when I feel down I get myself together and I instantly feel great. You’d be surprised at how something so simple like lighting scented candles, wearing your favorite outfit, putting on scented lotion, or simply getting  manicure will make you instantly feel GREAT! No matter what size you are, you deserve to feel incredible and sexy. Even when I was bigger I still felt sexy and cute every time I put my new outfit on. Try some of these ideas and get your sexy back!

Here are a few tips on how to get out of your funk and start to feel sexy again!

  1. Stop making fun of your imperfections! Remember, no one is perfect. Stop making jokes about the things you don’t like about yourself. If you hate the 10 pounds you’ve gained don’t make fun of yourself, don’t say “I might need an extra seat on the plane to fit these extra 10 pounds” that is NOT going to help your mind. Little jokes about yourself will trigger your brain to believe them, they sink in as truth. You are in many ways telling your brain to believe these little jokes.
  2. What makes you feel sexy? Asses the things that make you feel good. Is it lingerie? Is it getting a manicure? Is it getting a fresh line up from your barber? Maybe buying a new outfit? Figure out the things that make you feel sexy and DO THEM! If it’s buying a new outfit that makes you feel good, DO IT! If putting on scented lotion after the shower, lather it on baby. Figure out the things that make you feel sexy and do them.
  3. Stop saying “if only I” the IF ONLY I WAS A LITTLE SKINNIER thoughts will never ever help you feel better about yourself. Stop thinking so negatively. Think about yourself in a more positive light. If only I was taller, if only I was back to my high school weight, if only I didn’t have these stretch marks, if only I didn’t have these ugly fat thighs. Yeah all those thoughts will never allow you to mentally be happy or feel sexy again.
  4. Stop trying to get your friends to agree with your negative thoughts. Don’t say to your friends things like “My butt looks huge in this skirt huh?” or “Don’t lie to me, my arms look like jello huh?” STOP THAT! By doing this you are creating negative thoughts. You are destroying your self esteem and you don’t even know it. You are basically sabotaging yourself and in a very weird way wanting your friends to agree to your negative thoughts.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to the models in the magazines because not even the models in the magazine look like themselves! When people look at the magazines they don’t realize at all the photo shop, hair stylists, makeup and hair teams that are involved in making the image look perfect. I know because I am in the entertainment business and I have seen this first hand. Start to love the things you have and stop comparing yourself to others.

So basically what i’m saying is. Get up, fix your hair, put your favorite outfit on and feel like a SEXY BEAST! It’s the most simple things that can get you feeling good again. Get out of your funk today!

Con Amor,

Somaya Reece


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