Can You Stay Hydrated? Take The 7-Day Water Challenge And Find Out

Posted on Oct 14 2014 - 1:54pm by somayar

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Drinking enough water on a daily basis is a challenge for most people. Trying to stay within the means of adequate water intake is tough. Most people guzzle fruit juices and soda with no problem but when it comes to water, UGH the struggle is real. Truth is, the body needs water to thrive. Depending on your body weight and daily activities, the amount of water each person needs can vary.

The 7-Day Water Challenge tests people’s willingness to stay hydrated for seven days straight. Using a Hydration Calendar and the drinking chalice of choice, the 7-Day Water Challenge helps to keep people focused on drinking H2O all week. Challenge-goers should leave juice and soda off the beverage list for a week. This challenge does not involve excluding meals or diet plates. It is a simple means to stay hydrated to keep the body working properly. Take a look at the Hydration Calendar here and see how much water you should be drinking. Once the amount is noted, mark your calendar and start your 7-Day Water Challenge. You should meet the daily amount every day straight, for seven days. It helps to challenge with friends to stay motivated. Document your seven day journey on Facebook or Twitter to encourage others. Check back and let us know how your Water Challenge went down.

**sidebar: The bathroom will be your best friend during the challenge. Make sure one is nearby at all times.

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