Fit & Fashionably Fresh: Workout And Step Out At The Same Time

Posted on Nov 6 2014 - 3:10pm by somayar

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People have a hard time integrating a workout into their daily routine. A lot of people skip the gym to run errands and have a hard time transitioning from gym gear to everyday gear. There is an emerging collection of athletic gear that makes it okay to jump from brunch to the gym to the supermarket without missing a beat.

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From vibrant colors to eye-catching patterns, brands like Under Armour are designing fashionable collections that make working out a stylish situation. Capris, leggings, crop tops, and jackets in matching colors and designs make it easy to get it in at the gym, get out and get going with the day. The versatile designs make it easy to integrate workout time into real life. Aside from the comfortable and stylish workout gear, the undergarments are awesome as well. Sporting workout gear is a fashionable trend so why not actually use it for what it’s for!? Check out some of our favorite workout/step out looks below and definitely make a few of them part of your workout wardrobe.

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