Superbowl Snacks – Hot Wings

Posted on Feb 1 2015 - 9:27am by somayar


Superbowl is always fun! What’s not so fun in the enormous amount of calories all the awesome snacks have. My friends and I  wanted to eat lots of yummy foods but didn’t want all the calories or the high tabs at the bar. So we decided to put a shopping list together and went grocery shopping. My girlfriend Jules made baked wings with a lemon pepper flavor.And they were DELICIOUS!!!  I LOVE to make mine spicy, BBQ or honey. The way I make mine is very simple and low in calories. Keep in mind that the skin adds a lot of calories and contains all the fats. A skinless chicken wing is only 35 calories as opposed to one with skin that vary from 80-100 calories EACH!  I like to buy the drumettes because they have the least amount of fatty skin on them and are easier to peel off the skin.  Just as a quick tip. You can buy your wings fresh from  the butcher and remove the skin before cooking. They also make boneless and skinless wings in the poultry isle of the grocery store. It’s best to remove the temptation (remove the skin) from the start because you know damn well you’re not going to remove the skin off the wing once it’s on your plate! ha  I know i’d be tempted too. These are very easy to make and guilt free. You can add more sauce if you like.


  1. Wings & drumettes
  2. Seasoning salt – sea salt, ground pepper, garlic powder
  3. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Honey, or Organic BBQ sauce from Trader Joes
  4. Greek yogurt (plain)
  5. Sea salt
  6. Garlic powder.


This is the easiest recipe to make. If you choose to use the honey or BBQ recipe. You will still need to season your wings with a little sea salt and ground pepper. If you use honey or BBQ use it very sparingly. You don’t need to slather it on. That’s what adds all the extra calories. I will post the full recipe in another blog. Ok so. This is my baked  spicy wing recipe. Heat up your oven at 350. Put your wings in a bowl, season them with sea salt,  ground pepper and add a little bit of hot sauce. Don’t drench it because you want to add another little coat when they are closer to being done. Grab a cookie sheet and put some foil paper over it. Spray the foil with your choice of cooking spray, put the wings on the sheet and bake for 30-45 minutes or until done. When you think they are about 10 minutes from being done, add a little more hot sauce and SERVE 🙂


Instead of having ranch, put your greek yogurt in a bowl, add a little sea salt to taste, a little garlic powder, mix, and use it as a dipping sauce.

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