5 Must Do’s When Pregnant

Posted on May 13 2015 - 6:04pm by somayar


When you are pregnant, there are so many things you have to check off your list- get maternity clothes, buy a stroller, stock up on diapers, tell your family the good news…the list goes on and on. But before you think about any of those things, be sure to check these five things off of your list first:

1. Go see you doctor or clinic

First, confirm the pregnancy with a physician or your nearby clinic. Once you see a doctor, they will suggest the right vitamins you will need to take and start scheduling your monthly visits. These visits are very important to make sure you are baby remain healthy during pregnancy.

2. Take your vitamins

As mentioned before, your doctor will suggest prenatal vitamins for you to take everyday during pregnancy. These vitamins are for both you and baby. Since baby is getting all of his/her vital nutrients from you, you must be sure that you are getting extra vitamins, so that both of you get all you need. Prenatal vitamins can be prescribed or purchased over the counter.

3. Don’t eat for two

Many women think that when they become pregnant, it’s time to start eating double. Gaining an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy can cause many issues- preeclampsia, early delivery, an overweight baby, etc. The recommended extra calories you should consume is about 300, which you can get from a glass of milk.

4. Find a pediatrician

After I gave birth for the first time, I didn’t realize that my new baby had to have a doctor. So, I spent the first few days at home scrambling to find the right pediatrician. It’s best if you find a pediatrician (if you don’t already have one) during the third trimester of pregnancy. This will save you a lot of time and stress post-delivery.

5. Identify post-delivery helpers

Once you are home from the hospital, real life hits you. You are at home with a new baby. Sleep becomes a thing of the past and pajamas become your daily uniform. So, before all of that happens, talk to your close friends or family members who you can trust to help you with the baby once she/he arrives.  You can designate certain tasks to your helpers. Someone to help clean the house, someone to help make dinner a couple times a week, someone to allow you an hour to nap each day, etc.  Having all of this set up beforehand takes guilt or hesitation out of asking once you have the baby.

Having a baby takes a lot of preparation, but these are a few things you should do to make sure you are baby are healthy and happy throughout it all.




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