How Are Smartphones Affecting Your Health?

Posted on May 21 2015 - 4:12pm by somayar

Business woman using a smart phone

Fitness is not just about working out and eating healthy, it’s also about the overall health and wellness of your body.  As a former licensed massage therapist, I have been noticing a lot of people who have poor posture, especially in the neck area. The reason for this is due to the overuse of smartphones and constantly holding our heads in the downward position to read and view posts, pics, and whatever else those tiny screens show us.

Here are some ways to help prevent causing any further issues and help eliminate any problems you are having now:

Hold your head up high.

Well, not too high…Instead of hanging your head down to look at the screen, which can create great pressure and stress to the neck and back muscles and also the spine, you should raise your head up so that your spine is straight and your neck is in a neutral position. Bring your phone up to your eye level and enjoy your phone use in comfort.

Take a breath.

Constantly looking down at your phone while slightly leaning over slightly increases difficulty in breathing and often causes us to hold our breath or have shallow breathing.  Be conscious of your breathing and take the time to take in deep breaths, stretch for a bit and move around.

Extend a hand. 

Scrolling, typing, and holding such a small object in our hands on a constant basis can cause our hand muscles to tighten and contract.  To prevent this from occurring, frequently stretch out your hands- extending and bending your fingers and palms. This will help to loosen the muscles and help to stop carpal tunnel or tendinitis from setting in.

Ladies, let’s take care of our bodies, whether that means going for a walk, exercising at the gym or stretching our neck and hands during everyday smartphone usage.




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