Super Easy Ways to Get Movin’

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 10:34pm by somayar

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Whether or not you think you have the time to get to the gym, you always have time to get moving in some way. Sometimes when I want to be a little more active or add a few more steps to my day, I do some of the following on an almost daily basis.

Park far away.

Every time I need to go to the grocery store, pick up some office supplies, or go to the post office, I park at the far end of the parking lot (not at night).  Though it may not seem like much, those extra 50 or more steps at each location really add up.  If you have a pedometer  or a step tracker on your smart phone, see for yourself how it impacts your daily fitness routine.

Drink more water.

You already know how important water is to your body, but think about how often it makes you get up and head to the bathroom. Once again, those extra steps really add up.

Take the stairs.

Whenever possible, I love to take the stairs instead of the elevator, escalator or pedway.  Whether it’s at the airport, at work, at the mall or wherever, taking the stairs are like my own personal challenge. I like to see how fast I get to the top or the bottom. When I’m carrying heavy bags or even just my purse, it makes it that more exciting to me.  Call me crazy, but I love to think about the positive benefits it has toning my legs and butt.

Go for a ride.

Going for a leisurely bike ride is something I like to do to destress.  I never really have a destination in mind or a certain amount of miles I want to bike, I just like to ride.  It helps to clear my mind and allows my mind to wander. Though it’s hard not to think about my long list of to-do’s, I am able to think about my next vacation or wonderful memories of the past…and it’s a great cardio workout as well!

Be creative. There is always time to get fit and healthy, you just have to choose to take the time.




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