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Posted on Nov 3 2015 - 11:21am by somayar

So excited to announce we have our first HOLIDAY challenge for my TFM readers!

This is a FREE global challenge with no entry fees.

The first major holiday is around the corner Thanksgiving and there will be A LOT OF WEIGHT GAIN! This challenge will help you shed the Thanksgiving pounds and get ready for Christmas and the new year of 2016. Who doesn’t want to be sexy for 2016? I KNOW I DO 🙂 For 30 days I want to challenge you to find time in your schedule to meal prep and rink your Get Slim Detox Tea nightly. It’s super easy to meal prep so please don’t stress. Even if you do at least 1 meal prep a day IT COUNTS! Meal prepping can help those who have no will power, those with no time, those who want to jump start their fitness journeys, and those who simply want convenience. Our tea will give you double the results necessary while on this challenge PURCHASE A 28 DAY DETOX TEA OR BUNDE HERE!

If you are joining our 30 day fitness challenge order the 28 day supply

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This CHALLENGE is a combo of detox tea and meal prepping challenge. You must use our get slim detox tea. The prize is a huge product package of all our natural weight loss products, ALL OF THEM.

This contest begins Dec 1, 2015 and ends Dec 30th midnight. That way you can enjoy the new year and bring it in healthy. This is a real contest guys, take it seriously, not for the prizes but for your health!!

Not convinced? Check out the proof int he pudding. CLICK ON EACH PHOTO. I have helped many around the world shed weight through my fitness challenges. Left photos are before, and the obvious right weight loss photo are the results 🙂

Here are the rules:

  1. I want you to post your meal preps & detox tea and tag my fitness Instagram @ThisFitsMe
  2. You will need to hashtag your posts with (#TFMchallenge & #GetSlimDetoxTea & #GetSlimDetoxTeaChallenge) If you do not add these hashtags you are automatically disqualified. Without them I can’t track your progress at all.
  3. Take a day 1 CLEAR photo of yourself, in the same place each time in the same outfit. Hold a sign with the words #GetSlimDetoxTea Fitness Challenge and the date Dec 1, 2015. You will also be taking a Day 30 photo of yourself in the same outfit with he same sign at the end of the challenge. This photo will show your progress. This is a totally separate photo than your meal prep dishes. Post your meal prep photos at your leisure but try to post them because I will most likely stalk your pages and give you advice on your food choices to help you get the best results 🙂
  4. Your day 1 photo, you can use a bathing suit, underwear set, workout outfit, or any favorite outfit that shows skin (not NUDE or extreme showing of your skin be comfortable in our outfit) showing skin is always the most accurate. Showing arms, legs, tummy etc. You don’t have to be naked to have your photo count. The photo must be CLEAR not hiding behind filters or lighting. 1 Full frontal photo, and 1 side photo.
  5. Put your hip/waist-chest measurements (dress or general size is fine too) Although the scale is never a reliable source post your Day1 weight. I suggest paying attention to your inches lost. That is the most accurate way to see your progress.
  6. In your DAY 1 photo caption, add a small story on why you are taking on our #TFMchallenge ! Are you someone who keeps saying you want to start your health & fitness goals but can’t seem to get it together? Did you always want to meal prep but just never got around to doing it or simply didn’t know how to do it? Did this challenge give you a  kick start towards starting your health & fitness goals? Is this challenge simply something that will make your life more convenient? How is meal prepping going to help you? Tell how this is going to help you get SUMMERTIME FINE 🙂
  7. Working out – Follow my free workout calendar posted here! You do not need a gym. As long as you are doing something, IT COUNTS!
  8. Meal prep – You must have at least 1 healthy meal a day in a meal prep form. You must post a photo of any of your meals that are consistent to “eating healthy” that way I can comment your choices and help you along the way. Please don’t forget to post your healthy meals. This is the only way I can help you lose weight, as I will be commenting your choosing and coaching you along the way.  Add your hashtags (#TFMchallenge & #GetSlimDetoxTea & #GetSlimDetoxTeaChallenge) If you do not add these hashtags you are automatically disqualified. Without them I can’t track your progress.
  9. Drink your detox tea as consistent as you can nightly. If you have a sensitive tummy you can skip a night or two but on the days you do drink it post your photo, Please post a photo of your detox tea with the hashtags (#TFMchallenge & #GetSlimDetoxTea & #GetSlimDetoxTeaChallenge) If you do not add these hashtags you are automatically disqualified. Without them I can’t track your progress.

We will pick our top winners based on weekly dedication! This challenge is designed for those who are ready for a change. Those who show the most progress will become finalists. We are choosing more than 1 winner. If you meal prep for 1 week or 2 weeks then give up, you will not win. We want to see your dedication and commitment. Regarding the day 1 photo and day 30 photo, please don’t attempt to cheat as it is not fair to those out there who are really trying hard and being honest about their story. We will be sending the photos to graphic editors that can detect any photoshopped images. Be honest, we appreciate it! 

I want you to make it according to your personal lifestyle needs. So, lets say you never have time to eat dinner, or you eat unhealthy dinners because you are too tired to cook by the time you get home. If this is the case,  make your dinner meals. Let’s say you never have time for both lunch & dinner (due to work-school-2nd job etc) make both lunch and dinner meals. Try not to ever skip breakfast. Eat breakfast fresh everyday even if it’s a small fruit or eggs. Make your meal preps for your lunches and dinners. If you are advanced I want to see yours too. Everyone is welcome to join my challenge. Those selected will have their photos posted here on and my Instagram. We will also be giving away fun prizes. Ohhhhhh lets go!!!!

Here are the basic tips I want you to use while prepping your meals!

TIPS: It’s super easy to meal prep. Even if you do atleast 1 a day IT COUNTS! Do this when you have atleast 2-3 hours of your time. 1 hour to cook , 1 to prep and 1 additional hour for any last minute stuff. Go grocery shopping or look in your fridge, you may already have many of these items. Wash all your foods, chop up your veggies, cook your chicken, do all of it at the same time. Feel free to use any of my low calorie recipes too. But beware that all the sauces should be packed separately unless they are over the foods. Don’t put the sauces over your wheat breads or wheat wraps as they will be soggy by the time you eat the. Pack the breads, and wraps separately. Always make sure to make the recipes in proper portion size to fit your meal prep containers.

  1. INVEST IN TUPPERWARE!! Make sure it’s freezer safe and microwave safe. You can go to the dollar stores to get them, or you can buy the larger name brand products from anywhere. You will not be able to meal prep without it. You also want to make sure to get the ones that are clear so you can see what you are eating everyday. This also helps you make your choices on what you want to eat daily.
  2. Use any of my recipes posted on my website.
  3. I want to see, lean meats-turkey, skinless chicken breasts, fish and any lean meats or vegan dishes. You can also add protein with boiled eggs. Only make a few at a time or they will spoil.
  4. For my vegans I want to see protein packed meal preps-use plant based proteins!! Suggestions are,  beans-garbanzo beans-black beans-kidney beans-soy beans, tofu, tempeh. Your carbs should be complex carbs to use as your fuel, whole grains. Use pastas, quinoa, sweet potato, regular potatoes, buckwheat, brown rice. Use the same greens in #4.
  5. There should always be 3 basic things in your meal preps, protein, dark green veggies, a GOOD carb such as brown rice-baked yams-Quinoa-Buckwheat.
  6. Dark green veggies can be any of the following: Spinach, kale, bok choy, broccoli, collards. Other veggies that are fine to use are green beans, squash, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots, bell peppers (all colors), and cucumbers. Dark greens lettuce; red leaf, mixed spring greens, kale, green leaf, romaine but please NO ICEBERG lettuce. Iceberg holds no nutritional value, you are basically drinking water and no vitamins.
  7. Portion sizes are not hard to measure. The protein should be the size of your fist or palm, the veggies can be the same size, the carb should be half of that.
  8. When you season keep in mind NOT to use condiments and marinades that are clearly bad for you. Lightly salt (sea salt preferably not necessary), ground pepper, any of the Mrs Dash’s seasonings, freshly squeezed lemon, make home made guacamole-here is my personal guac recipe, make your salsas fresh-check out my salsa recipe here. If you do want to use marinades go to a health food store to get the ones that are organic, low sodium, no harsh ingredients, low in sugars, low in fats, use sparingly and please ONLY use the serving size suggested. They make them but you need to learn to read those labels. If you do not know how to read labels please skip it for now. You wont become an expert label reader overnight.
  9. When you cook DO NOT FRY, do not use butters, marinades, or dressings!! Bake, grill, boil, or use a cooking spray to make your foods. Read #6 for the seasonings.

Can’t wait to see all your meal prep photos!! Let’s get 2016 healthy & sexy together. Good luck 🙂

Con Amor,

Somaya Reece

Here is a photo before you prep! Make room on your table for all your goodies. Wash all your tupperware containers before you use them.

photo-3 copy

Here is a photo of a prepped meal! If you notice the portions are exactly how I described in my post. Follow this photo style.


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