Fiery Tajin Jalapeño Margarita

Posted on Feb 22 2017 - 8:57am by somayar


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Who doesn’t want to have a refreshing adult beverage without worrying about all those unwanted calories?? ME!!! While it’s not exactly easy to do. There are a few drinks you can enjoy and not feel so guilty about. I am writing many detailed recipes about these “refreshments” (that’s what I call my adult beverages) in my book. Here is one you will love this summer. Limit your intake to about 2-3 glasses. Even tho the ingredients are fresh, you don’t want to consume too much as this should be a treat not a road to alcoholism. I stress that often as I like to promote mental and physical health. Have a healthy time! That’s what life is all about.


  • 4 Medium to large lemons, atleast 4 per glass. Large if your glass is 8oz
  • 1 Orange (fresh)
  • Sparkling water, preferably club soda
  • Agave sugar or agave syrup or Setvia
  • Tajin seasoning


Without Spice – This is super easy to make. Squeeze your lemons, and orange. Pour into your glass (drain the seeds) add ¼ a cup of the sparkling water just enough to leave room for the ice. Add the Stevia or agave, add enough to sweeten. I usually say go by taste, don’t go overboard with the sugar, it usually only needs 1-2 teaspoons of it depending on the size of your glass. Mix with a spoon, add ice cubes, then pour 1-2 shots of any tequila into it. I add 1 fresh mint leaf for extra flavor. If you want your margarita slushy. All you have to do is add everything into a blender with more ice cubes and blend.

Fiery Tajin Jalapeño Recipe:

For a spicy taste, add a few red pepper flakes or a tiny dash of chili powder, fresh cut jalapeños (not the pickled kind – use the FRESH ones) or tiny habaneros 3-4 per glass, mash up one of the slices of jalapeño or habanero so the juices are squeezed into the margarita. Sprinkle Tajin seasoning and red powder chill to taste. Don’t over do it unless you your moth to be on FIRE! Add a tiny bit of sea salt and SERVE! Enjoy 🙂

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