3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer

Posted on Apr 27 2017 - 7:10am by somayar


With the temperatures rising, summer fast-approaching, and the shedding of all those winter/spring layers of clothing, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep our skin healthy and protected from the sun’s rays.  Although we should be protecting our skin from the sun all year round, the summer time is when we should be especially careful.

We all know that we should be wearing sunscreen to help prevent sunburn and protect us from harmful UVA and UVB rays that contribute to skin cancer (no matter the color of your skin), but here are 3 more ways you can defend yourself from the sun.

1. Eat Healthy Fats

So what does what you eat have to do with protecting your skin? Well, it has recently been found that adults who had a high concentrations of fatty acids like DHA and EPA (found in oily fish like salmon, snapper, trout, perch, and tuna) in their blood, had the least reaction to sun damage that leads to melanoma (skin cancer).  If you are unable to have fish, taking essential fatty-acid supplements works just as good

2. Moisturize With Oils

Don’t just use any kind of oils. Moisturizing your skin with single-ingredient oils like coconut oil or argan oil helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy, unlike most lotions and moisturizers that have unnatural additives.  To get the maximum amount of hydration, apply your oil right after you shower or bathe while the skin is still wet.

3. Get to Know Your Lycopenes

So, what’s lycopene? Lycopene is the chemical found in fruits and veggies that gives them the red color.  Eating meals with cooked tomatoes or tomato paste supports your overall skin health by protecting it from long-term sun damage.

While you are taking care of your body at the gym and in the kitchen, don’t leave out your skin.  Having total body health is essential in living a fit life.



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