My 4 Favorite Red Wine’s

Posted on Jun 5 2017 - 4:21pm by somayar

I get asked often what kind of wines do I like? White, red? What is the best while on a health journey?
Honestly. I am no expert, but I do know what tastes great, and what fits any budget. I also know what is more health conscious and how much to have. So let me start by saying, drink responsibly. I come from a background where alcoholism runs deep in my family so I try my best to keep it to a minimal. Drinking too much is not only disastrous to your health but I HATE HANGOVERS! No thanks. I just don’t want to live my life that way and alcohol can creep up on your body too. Ever notice after drinking too much you wake up puffy, your face if super puffy and your tummy is bloated? Have you also noticed it’s hard to lose weight and in fact you gain more weight due to excessive drinking? YEAH HUNNEY!!! It’s that alcoholic girl! Cut it down. Ok, now let me stop being an annoying parent. lol I like to have my red wine with snacks, fish and an occasional juicy steak. My fiancé likes hers with lamb and red mashed potatoes. I don’t eat red meat often but when I do I have it with red wine.

They say that researches have found that drinking a glass a day of red wine is good for you. Speaking for myself, I personally agree but clearly for different reasons! lol They say red wine protects your heart, some researchers even say it can protect you against certain cancers, slows memory loss, and is even ok to have one glass if you’re a breast feeding mommy. Check out this cool article Heart Md wrote about red wine HERE. Now let’s get to a realistic reason why we love red wines.

CHEERS TO US! Here’s my list of favorite red wines that will meet a variety of budgets.

  1. $10-14 Apothic Red “Winemakers Blend” (all Apothic reds have a smooth robust finish, a pleasant scent, and it’s not too acidic)
  2. $10-14 Apothic Crush “Smooth Red Blend” (this is a totally different taste, smooth yet flavorful, it’s definitely a sipping type of wine)
  3. $42-48 The Prisoner Red Wine (this one is a bit pricey maybe because it’s a Napa Valley wine but sooooo worth it. It has a velvety taste, smooth and delicious)
  4. $26-32 2013 Luca Malbec Uco Valley (Malbec wine is an acquired taste, this one is very tasty, and a flubbed)

Enjoy the list and let me know how you like them?

Con amor,

Somaya Reece