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We don’t want you to see you go. Here are your most frequently asked questions answered. It is our top priority to keep our customers happy. Please read and follow all instructions provided to you in our FAQ’s to help speed up the process of your questions or concerns.

  • When will my product be shipped? All Get Slim Team products take 1-4 business days to process, they ship after they are processed. Please be advised that all International order can take up to 3 weeks for delivery NOT 9 business days like domestic packages. Business days are Tuesday-Friday. Once your order has been processed your item (s) will be shipped 5-7 business days. We occasionally ship on weekends, your order may come in faster if so. However your order will still (generally) take 5-7 business days. If you have not received your package within 9 business days, do not worry, simply contact customer service  with your original purchase reciept to “Help Me Track My Package” DO NOT EMAIL US PRIOR TO 9 BUSINESS DAYS, UNFORTUNATLY  THIS WILL ONLY DELAY THE  TRACKING PROCESS. PLEASE SEND A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF YOUR CONCERN. YOU MUST SEND YOUR PURCHASE RECEIPT WITH A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF YOUR CONCERN IN ORDER TO PROCESS YOUR CASE PROPERLY – EMAIL:  GetSlimTea@Gmail.com and we will be happy to help track your package.
  • Where is my USPS tracking number? Your individual USPS tracking numbers are sent to your email. Make sure you have provided us with  valid email when making your purchase. Please check all spam folders for your tracking numbers. If by rare instance (which is not common) your package has not reached you within 9 days, feel free to contact us. On rare occasion, USPS has informed us that all International packages may take up to 9 days to ship. You do not need to email us, your package is on it’s way
  • Do you ship International? Yes we do. Please note International deliveries have rare cases where they may take up to 30 days in delivery. This is due to how customs receives and delivers your order. We are not responsible for customs/government fees.
  • I entered the wrong email, shipping address or quantity count how can I fix it before you ship? If you entered the wrong shipping address or email, immediately contact “Error in shipping or email info” to GetSlimTea@gmail.com before our offices close at 5:30 pm. If you wait longer then 5:30 pm when our offices close on the same day of your purchase order,  it may get shipped in the morning.You have up to midnight of the same day of purchase to contact us, otherwise we cannot change the order as some orders process in 1 day. If yours happens to be one of them, we would ship your package fast and cannot change this. It may get shipped within the same day and you will lose your package and there are no refunds for this error. Please understand that we ship to whatever address or quantity amount that you purchase or that you provide us and we email whatever email you provide us with. However, if you made an error do not worry, simply contact Paypal directly and ask them to help you correct your error. Paypal customer service questions: 1-800-852-1973 We are not responsible for customer shipping or email errors, please review your email and shipping address before finalizing your purchase. We ask all our customers to change their “error” in shipping addresses immediately as we are not responsible for the error.
  • What if I ordered 2 or 3 items and only received part of them. What should I do? You have exactly 2 weeks (14 days from the day you order) and 7 days from the day you receive your items to contact us. We will then gladly investigate your claim and send you any items missing.
  • What if my package came back (returned to sender) to your company. Can you re send it to me? If you package was returned to us due to customer error in shipping or return to sender, customer is responsible for paying to re-ship the package.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Sorry, there are no refunds available at this moment. We are not responsible for lost packages, stolen packages, re-routed back to sender packages, quantity errors, customer errors in shipping address or email address and not contacting us within our policy deadlines. Please note that we ship and email to the address you provide us with and ship your quantity or items that you purchase. Double check all your orders for the correct, quantity, address and email when ordering. All specials are non transferable or eligible to be applied or combined to a new purchase in credit or an upgrade. All original purchase orders stay as is with original purchased terms and cannot be upgraded or combined with any current specials.

Customer Service


Office Hours Tuesday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Monday Closed

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Holidays Closed

For all customer service questions please contact us at: GetSlimTea@Gmail.com

For faster service, send a detailed description of your concern along with your Paypal purchase receipt.

A TFM representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Thank you purchasing your health products with us!

– This Fits Me Team

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